South Wales Camp

Preparing for Camp

If you’ve decided to come to Camp, that’s wonderful news, we are really thrilled and look forward to a great week! This page contains information about some of the things you may need to think about before setting off to the coach. Please read them carefully to ensure that you’re fully prepared!

Booking Your Place

Upon deciding to come to Camp you will need to get into contact with a leader at your local Youth Club and they will provide you with more information. You will then need to complete an online copy of our registration form and return signed hard copies of our consent forms to your local youth club, along with a deposit, to reserve your place.

The total fee is £150. You will need to book online and pay a deposit of £60 by 31st May 2020 to secure your place. Sorry, but we cannot refund deposits as we have a financial commitment to the site we are using that we are obligated to fulfil.

It is up to you how quickly you pay the balance but payment should be complete by the final Youth Club of this school year in July. A payment plan is available on request at the youth club.

For more information, or to fill out a registration form, please click here.

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Campers will be picked up by coach on the Sunday morning at various pick-up points around South Wales. The coach aims to reach Camp by around 1.30pm. Campers will be returned by coach on the Saturday morning, arriving between 10.30am and 12.15pm depending on your location.

Information on exact pick-up and drop-off points and exact times will be available closer to the time.

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Storage space is limited both on the bus taking the children to and from Camp and in the dormitories. It is important therefore that luggage is kept to a minimum number of pieces per child and that cases are smaller rather than larger! It is feasible to have a very enjoyable week without bringing the kitchen sink. It should only be necessary to bring a suitcase (preferably soft outer and no bigger than 66cmH x 25cmW x 43cmL) pillow and sleeping bag and a small piece of hand luggage for on the coach whilst travelling. A good lunch will be provided on arrival, so there is no need to send a hamper full of food for the journey!

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It is recommended that important items of luggage and contents are labelled prior to leaving for Camp – such as pillows and sleeping bags. Some children have a tendency to be unaware of what belongs to them or easily misplace clothing – in such cases it would also help to put name labels on clothing. We have a daily “lost property reconciliation” time but many items are never reunited with their owners as children seem not to appreciate what they wore the day before or which towels they were given from home.

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Pocket Money

Due to the location of the Camp site it is not feasible to go off site on organised trips, as has been done in previous Camps. The area surrounding the site will provide plenty of opportunity to engage in healthy pursuits on the beach or in the woods. Therefore there is no requirement for children to bring any pocket money to Camp.

There is no tuck shop at Camp, but during the week appropriate refreshments will be supplied free of charge, such as ice creams, ice-lollies, candy floss, sweets and crisps.

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Personal Belongings/Equipment

Many children are reluctant to leave home without their latest piece of portable technology. Camp is not an “electronics friendly environment”. Items can easily be damaged or worse, so it is advised that valuable items of any type are left safely at home. Recharging opportunities are more limited than at home too. WiFi is not available on the site so connectivity can only be achieved through any weak GPRS signal, which comes as a cost to the user of course. Loud music will not be allowed.

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What Should I Bring

You can download a list of essential items to being to Camp here.

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