South Wales Camp

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Travel arrangements

As an alternative this year we are inviting parents/carers to drop their children off at Camp. This would give you an opportunity to see the St Madoc Centre, the woods and the beach. You'll also meet the staff and sample some Camp food!

You can still book a place on the coach by selecting the option below, if you'd prefer.

Please Note: All children will be brought home by coach.
Consent regarding Camp activities:

Listed below are activities undertaken at Camp that require consent.

Please read the details below, and those listed below the form, and then choose "I Consent" to give your consent.

Any exclusions can be listed in the space below, however, please note that should you list activities here your child will be unable to join in that activity for the duration of the week.

Health Care:

In an emergency and/or if I am not contactable, I am willing to permit Doctor / hospital or dental treatment including an anaesthetic. I am also willing to permit any First Aid treatment as may be deemed necessary by a qualified First Aider.


During Camp, visits may be made to local beaches, dunes and woodland areas and other places of interest.


This may include some swimming in in the sea from the local beaches. Swimming will only take place on beaches recommended by the St Madoc Centre and careful note of conditions prevailing will always be taken.

In the sea, Camp Leaders will keep a watchful eye on all children and monitor the depth of the water that is being used. This will be effected by always having two leaders in the sea at the furthest limit children are allowed to proceed to.

Please note on the registration form if your child is unable to swim or needs careful monitoring.

Details of any regular medication, medical problem (e.g. asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, allergies, dietary needs, etc.) or disability which may affect the swimming activity need to be completed in the health section of the registration form (above).

During a typical week of camp your child may be involved in any of the following:

  • Sea activities (which may include games on the water margin),
  • Dodge ball,
  • General activities,
  • Transport (such as outings and swimming),
  • Photographs/Videos taken for use during Camp and afterwards in Camp promotion.

This list is representative of the types of activities campers engage in but is not exhaustive. Your child may be involved in other activities of a similar nature to those outlined on this list.

I confirm that my child is in good health and I consider him/her fit to participate in the activities above and consent to him/her doing so. I give consent for the child named on this form to receive health care and first aid as outlined on this form.

By submitting this form I confirm that I have read and understood the content above and below, and that, to the best of my knowledge, the details I have provided are both correct and accurate.*